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Just make that prize-level contribution here, and email with “IndieGogo Prize” in the subject and the prize you want to collect in the email.


Paypal accepts credit cards and supports recurring donations (for recurring donations, a PayPal account is required).

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    UPRISER helps people and organizations working to make the world a better place. When sites are "free" and not supported by donations, chances are that the money comes from selling your information. UPRISER, instead, relies on donations from users like you who believe in supporting worthy causes.

    Donations to UPRISER are not tax-deductible.

    If you are a programmer, you can support UPRISER by writing code.

    Suggested contribution

    We ask that you give monthly or yearly. If you are broke, live in the global South, or live somewhere with a devalued currency, we don’t expect you to give. This means that those with money in the global North should contribute extra as an act of solidarity. If you are unsure how much to contribute, might we suggest $5-$15 a month? If you can do more, please do!

    Please consider donating more if you can afford it. Any money left over after we have met our basic expenses gets reinvested in creating new features and improving the UPRISER platform.

    Donations By Mail

    Make checks or money orders payable to “Media for Your Mind” and send them here:

    Media for Your Mind
    Suite 2B
    199 Sudbury Road
    Concord, MA 01742 USA

    While we might not have the staff to send you a letter of thanks for every donation, please know that we are so incredibly grateful. Your support is our lifeblood and makes all our hard work possible. We love you for putting your money where your values are!

    Online donations

    Donation Processor Recurring Donations? Registration Optional? Credit Card? Notes
    No N/A N/A Decentralized peer-to-peer electronic crypto-currency
    Yes No No Very low fees. Requires registration and US bank account.
    Yes Yes Yes Works from many countries
    No No N/A Gold-backed virtual currency
    Yes Yes Yes An alternative to PayPal


    Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic crypto-currency (translation: currently suggested only for geeks!). Bitcoin is also a free way to send money overseas.

    If you would like to use bitcoin to send riseup money, we will generate a new, unique bitcoin address for you to use for your donation. Just click on the button below for a new bitcoin address to use.

    UPRISER bitcoin address: 1UPRSRjp7SsbvEcecBdGsMaTApdTqjte9


    Dwolla is a really cheap way to send virtual cash, although it requires that you create a Dwolla account linked to a US bank account. Dwolla supports recurring donations.



    Paypal accepts credit cards and supports recurring donations (for recurring donations, a PayPal account is required).

    Recurring donation:


    One time donation:



    WePay is a nice alternative to PayPal. You can use WePay without creating an account, and it supports credit cards.